House Plans and Designs

Make use of the successful, established house plans and take advantage of the fluidity of our design process to put your stamp on your own Designer Home. 



Design your own home - customise our house plans

Create your own house design or take a look at our current house plans and make any layout changes & modifications to suit you and your family.



House and land packages are available. We will ensure your block and new home are perfectly suited in respect to size, design with awesome inclusions and outstanding value.



Builders Franchise Business, NSW

A Pacific Designer Homes License allows you the opportunity to become part of a strong, well-established company while still being your own boss with real effective backup from head office.


Standard House Designs

 Are you Ready-to-Build?

Recognising the need for awesome inclusions, quality and outstanding value; and, above all, personal attention, Pacific Designer Homes makes it even easier to enjoy the contemporary style and quality that comes with a new home. 

Nothing  is set in stone, which means you can make the Pacific Designer Homes designer's inspirations work for you.

Make use of the successful, established house plans listed below and take advantage of the fluidity of our design process to put your stamp on your own distinctive Designer Home. Having collected your wishlist, ideas, dreams and needs in your scrapbook, which will no doubt be starting to show a definite trend or theme, we suggest you identify several of your favourite Pacific Designer Homes plans and make note what you like or dislike in each plan. Print the various downloadable PDF's and make changes to them to suit you and your family, identify areas that will work, which area/s need a re-think, even mark in area/s where you’re more significant items of furniture could be placed and we can tailor your plan to suit your wishlist. Our creative and experienced drafting and design team are continually evolving our house designs and external facades to ensure your property encompasses current trends and finishes, creating truly liveable homes for owner occupiers and maximising rental profits and re-sale value. 
It is not our intention to limit you to our plans as we mean it when we say it's your Designer Home and encourage our clients to put their own stamp on their home. Our designers enjoy the interaction with clients and the option to customise an existing plan even further in order for it to fit perfectly. Treat the plans that follow as a starting kickoff point.

Let us bring your dream to fruition. With our design expertise and a melding of design principles, practical use of your land, light, orientation of the sun and spaces we look forward to working closely with you to make your dream a reality!

Our design philosophy

A number of key principals make up the Pacific Designer Homes design philosophy. Below are some of the principles we adhere to: 

The land is the house - use the available land in its entirety, from boundary to boundary, and make every part of the site add to the clients lifestyle.

Harmonising the Home by offering Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Design Principles - taking the time to design your house to these principles by harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment which may in turn promote a better life for the home occupants. Cost for this service is from $500.  

Beyond functionality - make the land and all its aspects available for clients to experience and enjoy.

Make the most of the climate - ultilise all the aspects the climatic cycle in relation to the movement of the sun has to offer and provide structures that allow clients to manipulate the environment to suit their individual lifestyle requirements.

Reduce the carbon footprint - apply ecologically sustainable principals that incorporate climate control, rainwater harvesting and energy efficient design.

Zone the living environment - provide a zoned living environment that allows both privacy and interaction.

Provide security - provide appropriate transitions from communal street areas to private residence areas, while considering community safety and household security.

Beyond aesthetic - create a range of visual elements that reflect the unique time and place of the estate and incorporate an iconic quality that evokes significant emotional responses and associations.

Deliver an affordable product - deliver the product in a cost effective package that is both saleable and buildable, and uses readily available technology.

Evolutionary - continue to refine, develop, diversify and improve the product through interaction with the marketplace. 

Five Easy Steps to Building Your Investment Property 

Building an investment property can be quite daunting for some, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you by surrounding you with the right people and taking all the hard work out of it.

  1. Select: In meeting with your Pacific Designer Homes Sales Representative ascertain which investment house best suits your needs. This may include land that we hold or your own land.
  2. Finance: Meet with our investment finance strategist to discuss your finance options and obtain a pre-approval on your loan.
  3. Sign: Your Pacific Designer Homes Sales Representative  will have your land and construction contracts drawn up for you to peruse and sign.
  4. Include: Make a selection on your internal and external colour schemes.
  5. Leave the rest to us: From here, the rest is left to us. Your Construction Supervisor will oversee every aspect of your home from slab down through to its final sparkling clean at Practical Completion Stage. You simply get to sit back and enjoy the process. You can track the progression of your home with our weekly updates or even arrange for a site visit at your leisure.  
Five Easy Steps to Building Your Own New Home 

  This website provides a great starting point for when you are building your own new home. The following steps are a practical guide to find a building solution that suits your needs no matter what size block you have or whatever reason you are building - be it an investment property or your dream family home.

  1. Assess: For flat sites or moderate fall sites, you need to determine which floor plans will suit your block’s width. Plans are in order of lot sizes, so you are able to easily identify which plans might be suitable. Refer to block of land plan width on block drawing details that come with land contract. Then refer to New Home Price List that states what houses suit what minimum width blocks, and allow clearances both sides to side of house for example minimum 2.0m to fit on block (i.e. so if house plan you’re interested in is 12.0 metres wide, add on for side clearances to boundary of minimum 1.0 metres each side - which means block will need to be 14.0 metres wide - bear in mind you may need more side clearance to access rear of property you want us to build on or have sloping land as different design constraints come into it and when it is sloping land you will have to consult a sales representative). Your sales representative will be able to assist with this as you will need to comply with council requirements in respect to earthworks, sloping land and driveway slope, etc.   
  2. Decide: Once a selection of plans have been chosen based on your lot size, you can select which plan best suits your requirements for overall size and number of rooms.
  3. Select: Choose a front facade from the options available on your selected plan. No matter what your style or budget, we have something to suit.
  4. Include: Make sure you think through kitchen and bathroom layouts. The plans included on this website are a starting point, but we have the flexibility to adjust the plans to make sure you are happy with the final design.


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