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Make use of the successful, established house plans and take advantage of the fluidity of our design process to put your stamp on your own Designer Home. 



Design your own home - customise our house plans

Create your own house design or take a look at our current house plans and make any layout changes & modifications to suit you and your family.



House and land packages are available. We will ensure your block and new home are perfectly suited in respect to size, design with awesome inclusions and outstanding value.



Builders Franchise Business, NSW

A Pacific Designer Homes License allows you the opportunity to become part of a strong, well-established company while still being your own boss with real effective backup from head office.



Own a Pacific Designer Homes Franchise in your Area

Would you like to:

Increase your profits?
Have a better lifestyle?
Make better use of your time?
Streamline your building company?

If the answer is yes, yes, yes and yes then please read on!

Pacific Designer Homes has a number of opportunities for professionally minded and motivated ambitious private builders who are interested in gaining the advantages of being a member of a larger network of builders with service that is second to none.

Pacific Designer Homes franchise provides many benefits, some of which are:

  • Huge selection of home designs - in excess of 1,400 home designs in the current home range portfolio
  • Select up to 15 homes to use in your standard home design range specifically tailored to suit your franchise location - we believe in offering distinct cutting edge designs to suit your location and will not accept anything less >>>>>>>>HOW MANY BUILDERS PUSH SAME BORING PLANS FROM ONE FRANCHISE ONTO OTHER FRANCHISE'S WITHOUT OFFERING DISTINCT INDIVIDUAL VARIANCE ON HOUSE DESIGNS<<<<<<<<
  • Management practices that work are stringent and always fine tuned
  • Greater and improved purchasing power
  • Technical support and service that is second to none
  • Sales training for you and your staff
  • Design expertise and a Drafting service
  • Use of Pacific Designer Homes logo and name (you will have to register a separate business name e.g. Pacific Designer Homes Northern Rivers)
  • Advertising and signage which has proven results
  • Instant recognition of a highly awarded and respected trade name  

A Pacific Designer Homes License allows you the opportunity to become part of a strong, well-established company while still being your own boss.

Pacific Designer Homes offers a vast array of distinctively designed homes to other builders and/or new home owners in all areas of Australia in which we do not already build. With a huge portfolio to select from, we are certain that we break the mould of same same that is infested in marketplace with very unique, impressionable & distinctive designs that will give you the edge in your area both in terms of style and price.

We believe that Licensing is a partnership. Our model is based around a mutually beneficial relationship and we treat our franchises with a whole range of assisted administration and stringent detailed checklists to ensure quality control and not just focus on deriving fee/s off franchise. Our franchise arrangement is pivotal on offering effective administration, regular on-going follow up visits, realistic low startup fees & PAYG fees (pay as you go per house) and not leaving you with "just glossy brochures" in your hand.

 As a licensee you have access to a support network that gets you up and running quickly, and provides on-going support to grow your business.

All you need to do is:

  1. Apply in writing or email, give a history of your qualifications and reason why you would like to own a franchise
  2. Once you pay a small entrance fee, you simply pay as you go - which is calculated per homes expected to be constructed per year (see table below)
  3. Sign franchisor agreement and operate as a business within our business
  4. Pay an ongoing low 2.75% fee (inclusive of GST) calculated on sale price/variation of each home for each home that you enter into a contract to build. If an Area Specific Price File is required we will provide it to you using Microsoft Excel with a list of every conceivable labour rate and supply rate for your range of homes at cost of $1,100 inclusive of GST to enable Bill of Quantities to be carried out on your standard range of 15 homes with each home at the reduced rate to calculate Bill of Quantities being ^$375 inclusive of GST and we charge a low monthly fee of $165 inclusive of GST to update your Area Specific Price File - you will be provided with an industry leading Area Specific Home Price list to use as marketing in your area and a Sales Variation Booklet which will enable your sales staff to quick quote right there and then in front of your potential leads (HOW GOOD IS THAT AND IF YOUR A FRANCHISE AND ARE NOT GETTING THAT...well your chasing your tail with a never ending sea of admin instead of focusing mainly on the build only which is what you want). Sales staff training in regards to use of Sales Variation Book will be provided and a nominal fee per person attending is charged. AS YOURSELF IF YOU GET SALES BROCHURES FROM OTHER BUILDERS AND ARE LEFT TO YOUR OWN DEVICES FROM THERE WHAT ARE YOU EXACTLY PAYING FOR AND WILL THIS MEAN YOU WILL SPEND LESS TIME BUILDING AND EMPLOYING STAFF TO DO ADMIN - WHEREAS WE SUPPLY MOST ADMIN SO YOU HAVE IT IN PLACE TO DO YOUR MAIN TASK WHICH IS SPEND MORE TIME BUILDING! NOTE: If software is required such as Databuild once volume of homes built increases it is recommended to revert to this procedure and cost met by both franchisor and franchisee/s (if elected to be taken up by franchisee's office with Databuild licence/s)
  5. 24/7 phone assistance and mentoring. Head Office is determined to make sure our success is your success!
  6. Have access to our extensive standard design range of home designs that break the mould of BORINGLY UTTERLY BLAND and SAME SAME! Importantly we never rest on our laurels and firmly believe to strive to stay at the forefront of house design ethos as we constantly research designs in marketplace to see where it may be headed! 
  7. Agree to our terms and conditions in regards to intellectual property, etc

Benefits of being a Pacific Designer Homes franchisee:

  1. Have the use of Pacific Designer Homes house plans that have a proven track record in their ability to satisfy the demands of the purchaser, fully drafted, engineered and with a full and accurate bill of quantities
  2. Be able to work on our web based computer servers that allows you to use the building, drafting, payroll and all other software needed to run you building business from anywhere, even the bonnet of your car, this will allow you to estimate, quote, order, pay for all labour and materials, process claims and receipt them, process contract variations, do profit and loss reports, do balance sheet reports, calculate WIP reports, draft plans, pay your wages, etc
  3. The only software and computer needed by you is a basic computer with internet explorer and an internet account and or use someone else's, say at an internet cafe
  4. All franchisees will have the benefit of Pacific Designer Homes fully maintained website
  5. All franchisees will have the benefit of Pacific Designer Homes email system
  6. Purchase of all marketing and building material at very competitive prices and with no time lost in obtaining quotes and shopping around for good reliable suppliers
  7. Have the assurance that the Pacific Designer Homes server and operating system is on the leading edge of technologies and the system and data bases are backed up daily
  8. Become a member of a group of home builders that share information and support each other in becoming the best in their area
  9. Our unwavering ability to adhoc our general admin approach and our internal checklists and stringent quality control is always relentlessly pursued to make it as smooth a transaction as possible between all parties concerned (i.e. client, subcontractor and supply delivery people). This simply makes you the franchise do what you intended to do with us - MORE TIME FOR YOU TO BUILD

Licence to build with Pacific Designer Homes

Plans are sold complete with:

  • A single copyright licence that allows you to build the design once only. We provide franchisee with a DWG file of standard home designed on drafting software so you can pass it onto your contract draftsperson to amend to suit your client’s requirements and site specific details 
  • Engineer designed Concrete Slab plan with full details to suit S or M class soils (not certified by engineer, see prices below for certification)
  • Floor plan with all dimensions
  • 4 Elevations
  • Sections, block and/or bracing details for N1, N2, C1 or C2 wind ratings (not certified by engineer, see prices below for certification)

All you need is a plan of your land, a soil test from a local soil tester, a wind rating certificate from your local engineer. Advise Pacific Designer Homes of these details, receive the plans in the mail. Payment is to be made before any work is to be carried out, payment can be made direct into our bank account once a tax invoice and licence agreement is sent to you.

A once off joining fee (non-refundable) of $11,000 inclusive of GST will entitle you one employee from Pacific Designer Homes head office to go through all facets of how to setup system, train staff at franchise up to 6 days (48 hours) - we will immerse ourselves into the process to ensure you start off with your best foot forward with up to 6 days (48 hours) allocated for this process! If you require new home designs to be formulated this is at extra cost and it will be negotiated. You will need to sign a franchisee & intellectual property agreement with head office so as all paperwork, etc cannot be used in any shape or form. We charge a flat fee thereafter per house of 2.75% including GST for each house you obtain to build with our franchise model (this will provide you with our range of standard home plans & brochures, contracts (excludes HOW insurance) & colour selection paperwork, etc that all you do is fill in the blank spaces as you will be an independently owned and operated business. There will be an ongoing monthly fee to maintain price file applicable to your area amounting to $165 per month inclusive of GST which in turn once a site specific franchise price file is established will enable a price list of your range of homes to be tailored to suit franchise area which will competitively put you in the marketplace.

We can prepare the following administration for you as well as noted below. The plans are complete and ready for lodging with your local council or certifier for approval if all work below is carried out as noted *.

* Site plan drawn by Pacific Designer Homes 


Standard Plans as described above (not certified by engineer)


* Standard Plans as described above (if certified by our engineer)


Marketing / Artwork


Extra Cost for Council fees (once established and known) and providing site specific reports, plans (other than house plans)

Determined By Franchise who charges client direct

Bill of Quantities (BOQ)


* Wind Rating Certificate by engineer


* Energy Efficiency Report


Advertising Fee


All prices are inclusive of GST

All plans can be modified to suit your needs, any additional work for modifications, or any extra work from what is noted above will be quoted separately. Prices noted above are applicable to builder's standard range of plans - where a design has to be created a different pricing structure applies. ^Upon initial house plan selection by franchise home range portfolio of 15 homes the BOQ is offered for these 15 homes at the reduced once off rate after which time it reverts back to $550 per homes inclusive of GST. Franchisee may elect to undertake some of the administration above some of the administration noted in above table with head office to be given a copy for perusal



We have immediate opportunities for Licensee’s. Please call Robert on mobile 0416 059 856 or email the undersigned for a confidential discussion for further information.

Once you're on board as a franchise, you will sign agreements relating to use of our intellectual property and specific rules governing franchise protocol.

The success of OUR business is based on the success of YOUR business. As such we take great care to select the right people and help them establish a successful business of their own, in their chosen area.

If you are self-motivated, want to BUILD and spend less time doing laborious administration, are results driven, passionate about exemplary customer service, want to be your own boss and join a fast-growing, solidly based company...then this opportunity may be for you! By following these simple steps you will be well on your way to becoming a brand new Pacific Designer. Come on board and be a business within our business!


Pacific Designer Homes Pty Ltd
PO Box 1428 Murwillumbah NSW 2484
Mobile: 0416 059 856


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